Monday, July 28, 2008

A whole week without pics?

I just realized this morning that I havent taken any pictures of the children in over a week!! How did that happen??? I will try to do better this week....promise!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Proud owner of the iphone 3G!

Well not only did I buy my new Iphone this week, we bought the hubby one too!! so we are a 2 iphone family!! wahoo!! I am very happy to have it, it is AWESOME! Unfortunately it was not an easy process to get my new phone. I really dont want to go into the whole ordeal, because it was quite stressful......LONG story that involved me spending 4.5 hrs inside the apple store on Tuesday. Not waiting in line, but rather fighting with the At&t people and trying to work out communication between the apple computer system with my At & t account. I ended up sending the apple guys a thank you note for helping me throughout the entire process. In the end, I walked out of the store with 2 working iphones....YIPPEE!!!

And even better, I put my old iphone up on EBAY....and it sold for over $300!! YEP, that's right!!!!!!! So very exciting! It has been a good week!

Monday, July 21, 2008

To upgrade or not to upgrade.....

Ever since July 11th (the day Apple launched the new Iphone 3G)I have been waffling about weather it is worth an upgrade or not. I got my iphone in September...paid $299 for a 4GB version .....of course the version they dont even make anymore. Luckily I actually didnt pay that much for my phone, I had a ton of giftcards that went towards my phone so I think $80 was the total i paid. The entire 4GB is just about used up.....all thanks to the Blues Clues episodes and the full version of Finding Nemo (along with a few songs, and tons of pictures) Luckily, with the new 2.0 update, I can take all my pics off of the phone and have access to my Picasa web albums at a touch of a button!!!!! Hubby has been wanting an iphone ever since I got is an awesome phone, so I cant blame him for wanting one too! His company provides his current sucky phone, the contract isnt up until December. I of course have done my research, read all the reports and even went to the At&t store to check out the new phones. They are pretty cool, love the 3G aspect, sometimes downloading a webpage is painfully slow on my iphone....but do I really NEED it? not really, but I really, really want one!!!! We did the numbers crunch....if hubby took over my iphone,it would be about $50 extra a month, plus taxes oh, yeah and the extra $200 for the new phone........ugh. Then there is the availability thing.... cant find them anywhere! Apple store gets them in, and out they go.....FAST!(not good when one is so indecisive). AT&T are doing direct phone orders....taking up to 21days to get your new phone..that is way too long!! I am an instant gratification way could I wait that long! Who are these people getting my iphone???? I have mine with me at all times and only have run into a few people who have an iphone...where are the millions that are buying up the new phones, they arent in the same places that I frequent. Are they just buying them to re-sell on ebay or something? hmmm.... well lucky for husband, Apple store does not have any to sell today.....
(I forgot to mention that hubby said that if I sold his xbox360, i could use some of the cash to buy my new phone....while he was canoeing over the weekend, ummm....I sold the xbox!)

Friday, July 18, 2008

single mommyhood

not quite, but hubby is gone for the weekend. He is going canoeing with some guys from work. Funny that he is frazzled after I leave him with the kids for a few hours,yet he gets to desert me for a whole weekend! I told him that I should get a weekend away too, he says "sure, long as you take the kids"..yes, he thinks he is funny.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Div 4 Softball champs!!

WTG girls!!!

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Go Mason Go!!

Mason had his final swim lessons for the summer (at least as of now I dont plan on scheduling anymore). He did awesome, he swam the whole length of the pool,and can now do the backstroke! I made Alexis go with me so she could shoot some video while I was able to snap some photos. Not only is mason an amazing swimmer, he also is beginning to read! We picked up Go Dog Go last night to read before bed. Although we have had the book for awhile now (years infact)He has never chosen that book to be read to him, so it has sat on the shelf.(It is possible that grandma may have read it before once or twice). I was amazed at the amount of words that Mason can "sight" read. He was practically reading the whole book to me! I knew he could sight read some words....but when he could go through an entire book and "read" about 90% of it, I was shocked!!! Go Dog Go is our new favorite!!(well mine anyway!) Needless to say I am extremely proud of my 4yr old!!!

Update:talked to Grandma and she stated that she has never read Go Dog Go to Mason Wow, he really did read most of it!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Want some nuggets with that ketchup?

Mistake: Left 18mos old at table with brother's empty (except ketchup)plate

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008



What could be more patriotic than bombpops on the 4th of July? Kids had a blast participating in our neighborhood Popsicle Parade. We decorated their "vehicles" with flags and they cruised around our little block, ending up at the pool for a nice cold treat. It was a lot of fun. After that, we spent the afternoon on Papa's boat with my brother and his wife. The kids were exhausted, Teagan didnt make it long enough to see the neighbors incredible fireworks display (we just sat on our front step and watched a few of our neighbors set off TONS of fireworks). Even more incredible, the noise didnt wake her up.
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Friday, July 4, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's a redhead wouldnt understand

My brother (Uncle Joel) came to visit from Colorado Springs, Teagan hasnt seen him since Christmas but boy you wouldnt have known it! She was crazy for him!! She is usually shy and reserved around people she hasnt seen for awhile but not with Uncle Joel. It was sweet to watch them bond.

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