Saturday, July 12, 2008

Go Mason Go!!

Mason had his final swim lessons for the summer (at least as of now I dont plan on scheduling anymore). He did awesome, he swam the whole length of the pool,and can now do the backstroke! I made Alexis go with me so she could shoot some video while I was able to snap some photos. Not only is mason an amazing swimmer, he also is beginning to read! We picked up Go Dog Go last night to read before bed. Although we have had the book for awhile now (years infact)He has never chosen that book to be read to him, so it has sat on the shelf.(It is possible that grandma may have read it before once or twice). I was amazed at the amount of words that Mason can "sight" read. He was practically reading the whole book to me! I knew he could sight read some words....but when he could go through an entire book and "read" about 90% of it, I was shocked!!! Go Dog Go is our new favorite!!(well mine anyway!) Needless to say I am extremely proud of my 4yr old!!!

Update:talked to Grandma and she stated that she has never read Go Dog Go to Mason Wow, he really did read most of it!!