Saturday, July 30, 2011

I just can't seem to get motivated these days, I have so much to do, yet no desire to attack it. I blamed the heat the past few weeks but it reality, it is just me. I think of so many productive things I could do during the day, but yet I get on my laptop and an hour big ideas are out the window. must. make. myself. be. more. productive.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

on a comeback....

I've decided that even though I am on several social media sites, I am unable to really express myself. Can't really vent, give back-story, share emotion on Facebook, twitter or other sites. I remember how good it felt when I was able to share whole stories, give true emotion and not feel like I had to censor myself. When I was going through our fertility troubles, so many friends, and family members just didnt know how to ask questions, through my blog( ) I was able to let them know how I was feeling, what we were doing, etc and it was great. I am not a great writer, but I do enjoy expressing myself through words. I hope to get back into journaling, sharing little stories, pictures and other information through this blog again. I enjoy (SO MUCH) reading other people's blogs, and hope that I can re-establish my blog soon.