Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Maybe we should have named her Ariel

I am beginning to think that Teagan is part fish. The girl is a maniac when it comes to the pool. I cannot even begin to describe how crazy she is when it comes to swimming. Other mom's were in awe of her lack of fear, her ability to go under the water, and her sheer enthusiasm. Today she was actually trying to swim to me. I put her on the steps and she would lunge out to me, going under the water as if she were swimming to me, she would kick and fight her way to me, then i grab her lift her up and she was all smiles....asking to do it over and over again. I really wish I could show everyone but there is no way I will ever get pictures or video because I am having to keep my eye on her every second, literally. We would be in the baby pool, then up she goes, runs over to the big pool....ready to dive in. I did at least get her stop when she would run over and sit on the edge until mommy got into the pool......the girl wears me out!!!!! It is pretty wonderful though to see her so excited/passionate about an activity.