Thursday, July 24, 2008

Proud owner of the iphone 3G!

Well not only did I buy my new Iphone this week, we bought the hubby one too!! so we are a 2 iphone family!! wahoo!! I am very happy to have it, it is AWESOME! Unfortunately it was not an easy process to get my new phone. I really dont want to go into the whole ordeal, because it was quite stressful......LONG story that involved me spending 4.5 hrs inside the apple store on Tuesday. Not waiting in line, but rather fighting with the At&t people and trying to work out communication between the apple computer system with my At & t account. I ended up sending the apple guys a thank you note for helping me throughout the entire process. In the end, I walked out of the store with 2 working iphones....YIPPEE!!!

And even better, I put my old iphone up on EBAY....and it sold for over $300!! YEP, that's right!!!!!!! So very exciting! It has been a good week!


Amanda said...

OOooo Im so jealous!! I want the new iphone so bad! We also have the 4gig one. I didnt know it would sell for $300! on ebay. thats great! Michael and I want the new iphones sooo bad! The internet on the the ones we have now is soooo SLOOOW! Congrats on the phone and Im glad you love it :-)