Friday, January 18, 2013

Still trying to get positive forces to come my way....

It's been an eventful week!! Last week after my day of acts of kindness, I went to QT for my morning drink, and ironically didn't have my debit card or cash! I ended up having to go to my car and scrounge for change. It honestly made me chuckle a bit!!!

This week I managed to lock myself out of a running car. Luckily it was in my driveway. Jeff had to come home and unlock it so that I could turn it off!!!

I performed another RAOK, this time leaving $ in a baggy at Meiners. A locally owned convenient store.

I also decided to dedicate Thursdays as "Thankful Thursdays." I loved all of the "thankful" posts during the month of November. It seems since the first of the year, it has been a lot of negativity going around. In my act of being thankful, I managed to hurt someones feelings...not what I intended. I was trying to give a shout out to the original members of LS MOMS club, the girls who invited me to join. They were my gateway to all my current friends. I guess I didn't word it correctly or something. Things are worked out now (I hope.)

I haven't had any vinyl orders since Christmas. I am getting sad and really miss making stuff!!!! Need to come up with some ideas to get things jumping again!


Megan R. said...

Hi Shelley,
Nice to see your post. Fun keeping up with you.