Friday, May 30, 2008

Just some friday night rambling....

Today was a good day (for the most part). Jeff took a rare day off of work (although we did do a work related errand), we spent the day together, minus Alexis who went on a small shopping spree (thanks to a nice unexpected bonus from Jeff's work). We sent Alexis to the mall with $200 to do some summer clothes shopping. (she didnt complain!) She did pretty well, she got several tops, a pair of shorts (I cant believe she bought white shorts.....oh my!!)and a bra. After all the turmoil we have had over the past 2 months with her, it was nice to be able to reward her for all the hard work that she has done. While she was out shopping, the rest of us headed out to run the "work" errand. When that was done, Mason and daddy played some disc golf. I stayed in the car with Teagan as she fell asleep just as we pulled into the parking lot of the disc golf park. I cannot believe that I forgot to bring my was so wonderful to watch Daddy and Mason throwing the disc's together. Mason felt like such a big guy!!! Teagan woke up while the guys were still busy on the 2nd hole, so she and I played at the playground. The boys ended up quitting after 4 holes.....Jeff had thrown the disc probably 10-12 times compared to masons 40+ throws. After that we headed into Costco....ate tons of samples, shared the best ice cream bar ever and managed to walk out of there without buying a thing (this has happened only 2x in the past year!) When we got home, the kids were so tired that they were "wired" (if you have kids you know what I mean.....sometimes they get so tired that something "clicks" and they turn into berserk maniacs). I took them up to the pool at 6:30pm. Felt great too, our house was miserably hot (I didnt want to turn the air on yet, but we caved tonight since the thermastat was reading 90 in our house). After an hour at the pool, it was time to come home. Mason had a slight meltdown as we walked in the door because I told him that he couldnt watch some TV show, thankfully that only lasted about 10min. After a late dinner.......both kids down for the count. Whew.....

Jeff and I tried to watch the movie Juno, but about 10min (really more like the first 2min) Jeff gave up on it. I will have to watch it on my own some day.
So for the most part, a pretty darn good day!