Saturday, May 31, 2008

Swim Lessons

I can't remember if I have posted about swim lessons or not, so if this is repetitive....sorry. I enrolled Mason at the end of April. I found a little place in Blue Springs (yes, home of newest American Idol, David Cook)...the place is actually a gymnastics center (also known for producing 2 olympic athletes....Terrin Humphrey and Courtney McCool). They offer weekly swim lessons in a covered pool with water that is about 90 degrees. I wanted to get lessons in before "pool season" was here, so that we could be ready. Mason of course is doing great....although he just hasnt gotten to the point where he can actually swim without floaties yet. I am hoping he would learn to at least swim small distances and be able to get to the side. After a few weeks, I decided that Teagan would probably enjoy it too. She started around the 2nd week of May. Teagan has been more hesitant. The first class she clung to me the whole time and shocked me. (The girl lives for bathtime!) Eventually by the 3rd week, she was jumping in and really enjoying herself. Today both kids did pretty well. The problem with these lessons are that they are about a 25min drive away.......for a 30 minute lesson, and with gas at $3.77 (today) per gallon....not very economical.

Luckily, a young college girl is offering private lessons at our neighborhood pool (we just have to walk around the corner :) ) Mason will have 4 lessons with her this coming week. Yippee!